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Hiwan Homestead Museum

The vibrant history of Jefferson County comes to life at Hiwan Homestead Museum. A magnificent, 25-room log lodge is the centerpiece of the grounds. This Colorado rustic architectural classic evolved from a one-room cabin constructed in 1893. The lodge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


4208 S. Timbervale Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
(720) 497-7650

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Humphrey Museum

The allure of the mountains has always been powerful as it’s a throwback to a simpler way of life, in a setting that’s more serene and quiet than our daily lives. Add to that a living history experience on a 1930s ranch complete with goats and chickens, classes on the life ways of the period, an art gallery, antique store, hiking trails, and special events, and you have a place to remember.


620 Soda Creek Rd
Evergreen, CO 80439
(303) 674-5429

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Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum & Grave

Born in 1846, William F. Cody experienced the Old West to its fullest. His skill as a buffalo hunter gained him the nickname “Buffalo Bill.” Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows traveled the world leaving a lasting vision of the American West.


987 Lookout Mountain Rd
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 526-0744

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Dinosaur Ridge

Walk with 90-foot, long-necked giants across a floodplain lined with streams, ponds, and watering holes! Trace the ripple patterns left by Colorado’s ocean on Morrison’s sandy beaches! Muck through Golden’s swamp under the shade of palm trees with Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex at Triceratops Trail!


16831 W. Alameda Pkwy
Morrison, CO 80465
(303) 697-3466

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